Heist Brewery Rolls Out New Menu On January 14th

Heist Brewery Rolls Out New Menu On January 14th

We heard from Corri Smith over at Heist Brewery that Chef Rob Masone is set to roll out a new menu on January 14th.

They are staying all cryptic about the actual new menu selections but they did drop the hint they’ll be experimenting with new delivery systems for dishes (such as orbs and mini cast iron skillets).


The new menu will focus heavily on new small plate offerings and revisions of some current entree options for a more shareable experience.

Heist Brewery continues to remain popular for their craft beer selection and cuisine.

Check them out @Heistbrewery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for sneak peeks of the new menu.

They are also participating in Charlotte Restaurant Week which kicks off on January 17th- just in time for the spotlight the new menu.

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