Hot Head Burritos Set Up Shop in Cornelius

Hot Head Burritos Set Up Shop in Cornelius

Saw this new Burrito shop when I was up North last week.  Hot Head Burritos is a chain that started in Ohio and has since gone to Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania and now Cornelius, North Carolina.  Hot Head is a quick service Mexican concept similar to Chipotle.  They keep it simple.  Your menu options are Burritos, Tacos, Burrito Bowls, Quesadilla’s and Nachos.  I did not get a chance to eat at Hot Head but look forward to it on a future trip.  The store had a hip feel and look to it.  If any of our viewers have dined at Hot Head please comment.

Hot head interior

Hot Head Burritos on Urbanspoon

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  1. Jesus, how many fast food Mexican places can we have?

  2. i’ve eaten their twice. I left disappointed both times. The manager/owner’s aren’t friendly (it was easy to spot them, as they were in the paper and online to mark the opening), the food wouldn’t even qualify as average, and the space is MUCH more cramped than the stock photo used above would suggest.

    It’s smaller than your average Subway, and you aren’t even guaranteed a seat. I gave it a solid try, and I may even go back again, but that’s only in hopes that the owners take a day off, and to try something different than before.

    I’ve had both the burrito and a quesadilla, and again, I’ve had better from the Taco Bell that is within walking distance from Hot Head. I had high hopes for a new restaurant moving in, but this one will not succeed. It is mismanaged, and the food lacks any flavor. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nationwide franchise you’re dealing with (which always gives the false sense that “Oh, it must be good if it’s nationwide!”), it only matters how it is handled in this one particular building.

  3. I just realized that Hot Head’s reminds me of the “burrito as fast food” place that opened over by the burger place that is near Pinky’s. Can’t remember the name of it, but it was terrible.

    Johnny Burrito’s needs to open more locations!

  4. The logo looks good.

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