Indian Trail to Get a Chik-Fil-A

Indian Trail to Get a Chik-Fil-A

Indian Trail is finally going to get their very own Chik-fil-a.  They will be going where the old East 74 restaurant was for over 30 years.  That area has seen a transformation with Cook Out and Biscuitville opening nearby in the past 18 months.  Chik-fil-a is the gold standard in fast food restaurants.  It is the only fast food joint my wife lets me take the kids.  The Chik-fil-a near our house on Woodlawn is busy 6 days a week.  Indian Trail will never be the same.

chik-fil-a sandwich

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  1. By far the best chicken fast food restaurant. So far ahead of #2 that it should not even be mentioned in the same category.

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