Joe Hooper’s Opens in Plaza Midwood

Joe Hooper’s Opens in Plaza Midwood

Joe Hooper’s Beverage & Sandwich Exchange opened in Plaza Midwood this past week.  Restaurant Traffic decided to head over and check them out for lunch.  They did a great job on transforming the former Stacker’s into a neat little joint you feel comfortable in.  The staff made our visit memorable and treated us to a couple of their appetizers.

We had the Fried Pickles with Horseradish Aioli and the Red Neck Poutine which is Tater Tots topped with Velveeta Cheese, Bacon and Mushroom Gravy.  They were both good but not exactly on our diets.

The Chicken Cordon Bleu was very good.  All the Sandwiches and Burgers are in the $4-5 dollar range but they do not come with a side.  The sides are large and can be shared.  Joe Hooper’s also has Salads and a diverse beer list.  It is the type of place you can bring your kids or hang out with friends to watch the game.

Joe Hooper’s is from the same gang that brought you Brazwell’s, Whiskey Warehouse, and the All American Pub in Southend.  They are located right next to the railroad tracks and parking is tough.  You can park on the street next to the restaurant.  Plaza Midwood always welcomes unique restaurants and Joe Hooper’s will fit right in.

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