Kindred Opens to Much Fanfare in Davidson

Kindred Opens to Much Fanfare in Davidson

The bar is fully stocked and ready to fulfill any customer’s desire. (© RĂ©my Thurston)


Joe and Katy Kindred have finally opened their eponymously named restaurant in Davidson as of last Thursday. Chef Kindred was the Executive Chef at Rooster’s Uptown for six years, and Katy is a gifted sommelier with years of restaurant experience—an absolute power couple in the service industry. Their menu is hyper-seasonal. Do not expect to see the same items from week to week. Go to get excited for the new possibilities their curated menu might offer.



Joe and Katy Kindred in their newly opened eatery. (© Rémy Thurston)



The view over the bar from the stairs to the second story gives restaurant-goers a full scope of the design features. (© Rémy Thurston)


Chef Kindred is focused on a chef-driven, locally sourced menu using what he can from the purveyors in the area. On the menu during our visit were dishes ranging from Scallops a la Plancha, with sunchoke and dashi, to Bucatini, with salt-cured flounder in a cream sauce seasoned with tarragon. The cocktail menu was equally impressive with well-kept barkeeps, and the wine wall was stocked and inviting with a ceiling-high ladder to access the most enviable labels.



The Hold Your Horses is made with North Carolina gin, manzanilla, lemon juice and muscadine and is served in a julep glass for some Southern flare. (© Rémy Thurston)



The Yellowfin Crudo was flavored with fennel pollen, preserved olives, grapefruit and a drizzle of bright olio nuovo. (© Rémy Thurston)


In search of their perfect property, the restaurateur couple wanted to find the perfect place for their establishment and finally settled on the Old Tom Clark Museum, which was Davidson’s original pharmacy. The interior was designed entirely by Katy and kept many of the original features of the pharmacy, including the bar, where one would half expect to be served an old-fashioned milkshake rather than a craft cocktail, wine or beer. Old plaster was chipped from the walls to reveal a beautiful brick from decades past that truly sets off the dynamic of modern American cuisine in a historic—equally American—setting. We look forward to seeing what culinary creations come out of this quaint restaurant next.


The Scallop a La Plancha was perfectly seared and served with sunchoke and dashi. (© Rémy Thurston)

The Scallop a La Plancha was perfectly seared and served with sunchoke and dashi. (© Rémy Thurston)



The Bob-Tailed Nag is a refreshing and complexly flavored combination of rye, Barolo Chinato and mint bitters. (© Rémy Thurston)



My love affair with well-executed food, drink and service culminates in my writing, editing and photography.

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  1. Love the look of this place, wish it was in Charlotte.

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