Leaving 1900 Mexican Grill Full But Thirsty For More

Leaving 1900 Mexican Grill Full But Thirsty For More

A group of friends—who playfully refer to themselves as the Mexican food connoisseurs of Charlotte—and I ventured out last weekend to gorge on tortillas, beans and meat in varying combinations and quantities. None of us had ever tried 1900 Mexican Grill, but had heard exceptional reviews from other “comida authentica” aficionados.

The South Park location was buzzing as we walked in, but there were empty seats at the bar for us to sit and wait on a big enough table to open up. We weren’t in a rush, so we had no objections. If the bar hadn’t been open, though, there was little to no room anywhere else in the establishment to wait for a table. We would have been falling all over other patrons enjoying their chalupas or tripping over mothers dragging their toddlers to the bathroom due to the relative lack of space at the entrance. The staff, though, more than made up for this by providing frequent and unsolicited updates on our wait time, which for a busy Saturday was much shorter than anticipated.

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The $30 margarita pitchers look impressive but fail to pack a punch.


The three pitchers of margaritas definitely helped with the wait, though they were heavy on sour mix and light on tequila. When we commented on this after being sat and ordering extra shots of the distilled agave nectar, once again the staff impressed us by pouring us a top shelf brand rather than provide us with the well liquor we requested.


The beef-tongue tacos were simple but delicious.


Beyond this, the food was fantastic. The lengua (beef tongue) tacos were a welcome sight on the menu as many restaurants shy away from this more traditional ingredient. Huitlachoche (corn fungus) was also a featured ingredient, though it was cleverly described on the menu as “corn truffles” to ease wearier diners into perhaps trying it. The carnitas taco was simple but effective in introducing a balanced combination of succulent, savory and sourness (from the pickled red onions).


Carnitas are always a solid choice, and they did not disappoint at 1900.

As with any Mexican or Tex-Mex establishment worth their margarita salt, the portions were massive. Some of the better refried beans we’ve had came with our meals, and the table-side guacamole was expertly executed with attention to seasoning. The chicken fajita was copious enough for two people, and to-go boxes were deftly handed out before we left carrying half our food with us for what would end up being the perfect midnight snacks later that night.


The fajitas could have served a small army.


My love affair with well-executed food, drink and service culminates in my writing, editing and photography.

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