Legacy Real Estate Advisors Announces New Charlotte Restaurant Deal

Legacy Real Estate Advisors Announces New Charlotte Restaurant Deal

I hate to give my Restaurant Traffic colleagues too much credit but since I have known them it seems like they are involved in virtually every restaurant deal in Charlotte.  Adam Williams and David Tschirhart who in their day job at Legacy Real Estate Advisors also seem to not only know who is going where but what restaurant sites are about to become available even while the current restaurant is still in operation.  They are really “in the know.”  Last night I saw an article in the Charlotte Business Journal about a new restaurant called Nan and Byron’s and right there in the story was Adam and David’s name as brokering the deal.  Helen Schwab also ran a story about Block and Grinder opening up and lo and behold David and Adam did that deal too.  Nan and Byron’s is from the group that brought you 5Church (also a restaurant deal that Adam and David put together) and will occupy the former Vinnie’s on South Blvd.  The famous painting above is from Grant Wood’s 1930 painting American Gothic and the two models were named Nan and Byron.  I am sure the painting will be featured prominently in the new restaurant.

legacy nrn


You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. I always wondered how this blog seemed to find out information on what was coming or going especially on restaurants. Keep up the good work.

    • Ryan

      Thank you! Dave and Adam are great at hustling. Half the time I am sworn to secrecy around here.

      • Ryan

        Thanks Mick. We do struggle with the fine line between letting our readers in on the Charlotte Restaurant scene “inside information” and not wanting to hurt anyone’s business. We will continue to try to be the number 1 source for Charlotte Restaurant news and thank you to everyone that reads this blog and comments on it.

  2. Great job guys

  3. Yeah good job guy. I thought it was funny a couple of weeks ago when one of the comments mentioned all you did was cover breasaurants. Tilted Kilt, Hooters and Twin Peaks are restaurants too so somebody has to write about them. I don’t think Helen Schwab is ever going to pass thru the doors of one of those establishments.

  4. Can hardly wait to hear more about this groups new concept. 5 Church is great.

  5. With the Charlotte Observer going to a $9.95 per month to look at their page online, sites like these will become the go to for new food and restaurant information. The costs to run sites like these are tiny compared to all the infrastructure for newspapers that is why the future is these informative blogs.

  6. This blog is a breath of fresh air and it really keeps you up to date on what is going on in the restaurant scene here in Charlotte

  7. We, wife and l, have searched high and low for a small closed restaurant with kitchen still in place to open as a Jamaican eatery, featuring original recipes. Please if ANYONE is aware or have any idea where we might find such a place in or around Charlotte please help us

  8. No space is too small, but must have kitchen in place…

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