Leroy Fox: A Foxy New Menu

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Leroy Fox made quite a splash in the Cotswold food scene when they opened in early 2012. Judging by a decent crowd this past Monday night, I’d say little has changed.

After a year and half in Charlotte, I finally ventured, hungry and hopeful, through the dark wood entryway, excited to sample a few new menu items. We were greeted with an “I hope you came hungry,” and friendly smirk, and I immediately knew I was in for a treat.

Leroy Fox

We started off with the Pimento & Egg Fried Chicken Sandwich which came topped off with bacon and served with Leroy’s house dressing – a creamy, lemon ranch sauce. I would have preferred ketchup and hot sauce, but I went with it anyways.

Leroy Fox

The sandwich was delicious. How could you not enjoy a large slab of fried chicken, pimento cheese and bacon in-between two slices of buttery brioche? I would certainty order this again, but will make note to have the egg cooked over easy.

Next up came the Eastern North Carolina style pulled pork BBQ served with cole slaw as well as North Carolina vinegar base sauce and a tangy BBQ sauce. Since living in the South I’ve learned that BBQ preferences are so subjective and everyone seems to have a different palate. Without going overboard with my critique, I will say the pig itself was juicy and tender, though not oozing with flavor.

Leroy Fox

With two dishes down and more to go, we fought back feelings of fullness and prepared for the next, Grilled Chicken and Dumplings.

Leroy Fox

Not quite the chicken and dumpling you might be used to (leave us a comment with what you think!). Leroy’s take was a bowl of grilled and shredded chicken in a thick and creamy broth with a few carrots and tiny dumplings. Felt myself missing the usual heaping portion of veggies and loaded dumplings, and instead grew tired of the monotonous texture pretty quickly. This isn’t a dish I’d ever order, but others at the table seemed to enjoy it.

Leroy Fox

Of course the best always comes last. The Fried Green Tomato stack and Buffalo Chicken Nachos (served on pita!) are both not to be missed. The Fried Green Tomato, emphasis on fried, seems to be prepared just like their chicken – crispy, thick and delicious. As for the nachos, the pita, bleu cheese crumbles and buffalo made this dish unique and bursting with flavor. If only I’d left room to finish it.


The Verdict:

Pimento & Egg Fried Chicken Sandwich – Order

BBQ plate – Pass

Hashbrown Casserole (not mentioned) – Pass

Chicken and Dumplings – Pass

Filet (not mentioned) – Pass

Fried Green Tomatoes – Must Order

Buffalo Chicken Nachos – Order three


By Lea
Food-loving wanderlust connecting the dots between craft beer, live music, and the Charlotte (and neighboring cities’) restaurant scene. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more tasty bites.


  1. They have great fried chicken. Good bar crowd.

  2. Leroy Fox is a great addition to the neighborhood.

  3. Really great drinks here!

  4. The BBQ is one of the best I have had.

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