Libretto’s Pizzeria Myers Park – Sneak Peek

Libretto’s Pizzeria Myers Park – Sneak Peek

Restaurant Traffic got a chance to take a sneak peek at the new Libretto’s Pizzeria in the ParkTowne Village in Myers Park this week.  Libretto’s is planning on opening next Friday, July 26th at 11 am.  On Saturday the 27th the first 100 paying customers will receive free pizza for an entire year.  The lucky 100 will be given a booklet containing 52 coupons-good for 2 hot slices of pizza per week.  Get there early on Saturday as we are sure the line will start in the morning hours.  On our visit the first thing we noticed was the bar is going to be open to the patio via 2 large garage doors which is going to give it more of an open feel.  Libretto’s also has darker wood than the previous restaurant giving it more of a sleek feel.  Libretto’s is having media night next week so we will get you more pictures of the restaurant post construction.

Libretto's garage

Librettos f

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  1. I said this once before, This is no where near Myers Park. This is Madison Park

  2. Everyone knows Myers Park but what the hell is Madison Park?

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