Little Spoon Announces Opening Date

Little Spoon Announces Opening Date

Little Spoon Awning

New Myers Park Restaurant Little Spoon has announced they will finally open on Monday July 21st.  I drive by this restaurant every day on the way to work so I have a keen interest in when they will swing open their doors to the public, I live in the neighborhood.  If the owners of Little Spoon want to invite someone from Restaurant Traffic to their Grand Opening please contact me (shameless self invite).  Good luck.

Little spoon go

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  1. Why did it take this group a year to build out a tiny restaurant?

  2. If they have been paying rent/utilities for the past year, I wish them all the luck in the world. There was absolutely no reason to take that long. Seriously mismanaged.

  3. Menu? How about am invite to a reader and also a local who will go there (as long as the food is good)???

    • Dave

      Good idea Roger. That is another “self” invite for the Little Spoon ownership group. We will show you some RT love!

    • yeah what kinda resturant? where exactly is this? Beside Nolans? a menu woul def be helpful; I would live to blog about this as I live in the neighborhood.

  4. Looks like the link to their FB page is broken – another one bites the dust before they open?

  5. I saw people eating there this morning. It is still open.

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