Longboards Taps Out

Longboards Taps Out


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Longboards Tap & Taco is the first casualty of the Mexican restaurant wars on East Blvd.  They shut the doors this past week even before newcomer Tijuana Flats even opened.  What went wrong?   I don’t think you can open a restaurant in Charlotte without one parking space?   Maybe you don’t need parking in New York City to run a successful restaurant but here you are dooming yourself to failure.  Throw in Longboards mediocre food and you have a recipe for disaster.  I drove by Longboards on Saturday and it looked like buzzards had picked the place clean, even the booths are gone.  We give credit to groups that take it upon themselves to try to open restaurants and feel bad when they don’t make it.  Longboards tried and failed.

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  1. The problem was the food. It was inedible. The parking issue sucked too but if the place was worth going to people would find a way to park their cars.

  2. That is to bad. I was hoping they would make it. Really liked the bar area. Food was OK but seemed to be getting better.

  3. I have to agree with Rachelroo – the food was pretty bad. What was almost worse was the staff… they were all pretty shlubby looking and acting, and that’s the nicest thing I can say about them. Hopefully something even better will take its place.

  4. Charging for chips? What Mexican restaurant does that?!

  5. I agree with Robert, if you are going to be a Mexican restaurant you have to give chips and salsa away, it is expected. People don’t like to feel taken advantage of and when you charge for chips you are in trouble.

  6. Longboards was just not a good restaurant……………..period.

  7. Not so great food. That’s just a bad location, someone has to knock the food out of the park to get people to come and deal with parking. The other option is for them to work something out with the tenants of 131 and allow parking there. Just like with Sutton’s Place, within a few weeks of Longboards opening up there was a huge sign that said “No Longboards parking” I just hope the place doesn’t get gobbled up by another chain dump.

  8. That space is cursed.

  9. Bring back Picasso’s East Blvd!!!!

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