M Fresh Impressive in Columbia

M Fresh Impressive in Columbia

Restaurant Traffic hit the road this week for our day job as commercial restaurant brokers and visited 4 cities in South Carolina scouting potential locations for restaurant clients of ours.  We ran into our friend Michelle Wang in Columbia.  Michelle and her husband Rui own 8 restaurants in the South Carolina Capital and she was eager to show us her latest creation M Fresh.  M Fresh follows  the principles of healthy eating that Michelle’s grandparents in China taught her growing up.

M Fresh 1

You will not find any prepackaged foods at M Fresh, they make everything right in front of you the way you want it.  They serve nothing with either white sugar or white flour.  No soft drinks are found here only green and white teas which Michelle drinks 3 times a day and claims it is her wrinkle free, high energy secret.  They squeeze their own juices and use only hormone-free chicken and wild caught fish.  Eating right is the key to a happy, long life.  Michelle keeps promising us she will bring her restaurants up to Charlotte and we are going to hold her to her word.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Make it happen, fellas. That place looks great.

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