Matt’s Chicago Dog Brings Windy City Flavor To Crown Town

Matt’s Chicago Dog  Brings Windy City Flavor To Crown Town

Back when I sold advertising for BellSouth, Matt’s Chicago Dog was one of the first customers I ever called upon as a fledgling adman in the dying yellow pages business. This was in the early part of the last decade and Matt Sielsky was opening his second location in Charlotte, expanding from Uptown to Cornelius. It had been years since I’d visited their restaurant off The Green in Uptown and when my boys and I stopped by for a lunch break during Heroes Con a couple weeks back, I was pleased to see patrons dressed as everything from Deadpool to Mario waiting in a line pushing out the door and down the sidewalk.


There are yellow and blue Vienna Beef signs all over the interior of the restaurant to confirm the legitimacy of the dog’s at MCD. The menu is catered to pick-ups and quick bites rooted in signature Chicago dishes. Kielbasa, brats, and hot dogs cooked up a variety of ways. Italian beef sandwiches, pizza (deep dish and thin crust), and burgers are the other primary options. Nearly every booth and table on the dining room floor was filled. Runners were calling out order numbers one after the other- shouting them to be heard above a crowd heady with visions of cosplayers and swollen merchandise tables over at the Con. I sent my son and nephew in ahead to scout us a seat as soon as a table opened. I’ve been here during the work day and the crowds are just as big and steady Monday through Friday.


As a native son of the Land of Lincoln, I couldn’t betray my Windy City roots and ordered not one, but two, of Matt’s Chicago dogs. The poppy seed buns are wide and firm enough to accommodate the robust salad of fixings one should expect with a Chicago dog. There is, of course, Vienna beef’s finest tubed meat, a slick of yellow mustard, a nice crisp spear of kosher pickle, tangy bright green relish, a smattering of chopped white onions, slices of juicy tomato, and those little torpedoes of fire called sport peppers that are a must on any self-respecting Chicago dog. The Vienna Beef dogs snap like a good hot dog should and I’m glad the chefs didn’t skimp on the top dressing of celery salt. It is a blast of flavors all at once that you should be certain to try if you like hot dogs.

I write with confidence that Matt’s version of the Chicago Dog is head and shoulders above the taste of the Chicago dogs you get in O’hare, and on par with any of the ones you’ll find sold around Wrigleyville. If you like the hot dogs at VBGB or at JJ’s Red Hots, be sure to give Matt’s Chicago Dog a chance too.

Go check them out and tell them Restaurant Traffic sent you.

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