The Mayobird

The Mayobird

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If you are in the mood for a cozy spot to escape to during your lunch break, Mayobird is the place to go.  Located on East Blvd. (next to its sister restaurant, The Summit Room), Mayobird is chicken salad heaven.  The atmosphere couldn’t be more inviting. The charming rustic décor paired with big comfy chairs and couches will make you never want to leave.   The menu offers more creative chicken salad options then you could ever imagine.  The servers were all very pleasant and helpful, adding to the comfortable vibe this restaurant effortlessly gives off.


I ended up trying The Harvest, a chicken salad sandwich comprised with apples, grapes and pecans.  It was so delicious that I even ordered one to go to take back for one of my foodie coworkers to try.  Not only does the Mayobird offer a variety of delectable choices, the side items will also leave your mouth watering. I chose the pasta salad, but you can also indulge in the broccoli salad or the sweet and sour cold carrot salad.  Needless to say I enjoyed my experience at Mayobird.  I am looking forward to going back and exploring more of the unique chicken salad options available.  Have you had the chance to check out Mayobird yet?  If so, comment below and tell us which sandwich was your favorite.

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