The MayoBird’s East Blvd. Location Is Almost Open

The MayoBird’s East Blvd. Location Is Almost Open

Mayobird Sandwich

One of our regular readers, Roger Ramjet, inquired about the opening date for The MayoBird’s new brick and mortar restaurant on East Blvd.

We heard back from The MayoBird via Twitter:

Deedee Mill’s food truck and forthcoming location specialize at serving chicken salad made with free range chicken, local produce, and Duke’s mayonnaise all sandwiched between bread from Nova’s Bakery here in town. Aside from about 15 different types of chicken salad, The MayoBird also serves tuna salad, egg salad, BLTs, pimento cheese sandwiches, along with an assortment of soups and sides.


We’re looking forward to seeing the new energy Deedee Mills and her MayoBird concept bring to 1531 East Blvd.

Be sure you check in with their website or social media (@themayobird) to track down the food truck’s location.

Deedee is also opening a spot for dinner and drinks right next to The MayoBird called The Summit Room.

We’ll keep you posted on both once they start serving the Dilworth community.

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  1. Thanks!!! Looking forward to giving it a try. We need more local joints like this on East and in Charlotte in general.

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