MayoBird Lands on East Blvd

MayoBird Lands on East Blvd

Mayobird Logo

I drive by the former Caribou Coffee on East Blvd everyday on the way to work and look over at the location and wonder what was going to open there?   The MayoBird is the answer.  Owner Deedee Mills started the MayoBird as a food truck and now will own a bricks and mortar restaurant.  Free Range Chicken Salad is the house specialty but MayoBird also features chicken sandwiches, salads and a variety of soups.  MayoBird strives to use local purveyors.  You will find Duke’s mayonnaise, local produce and bread made from Charlotte’s Nova’s Bakery.  Mills only opened the food truck last summer but felt she was ready to jump into the competitive Charlotte restaurant market.  That is Deedee below.

Mayobird Deedee

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.


  1. Deedee is Hot! I will go to the MayoBird just for her.

  2. Whatever Deedee is selling, I am buying.

  3. Settle down guys. The chicken salad at the MayoBird food truck is incredible. Give it a try when they open. Every ingredient they use is fresh and natural. They support local farmers by buying everything locally. They will be a great addition to the East Blvd dining scene.

  4. This is awesome!!! This is exactly what we needed here! No chain bullshit, local NC business with good honest food. Awesome. Keep us posted on opening date, I will be there in full support!

  5. Sign up on side of building…any news on opening day?

    • Mick

      Roger: DeeDee told us via Twitter that she plans a soft opening for the week after Easter. Looks like late April for the Mayo Bird. We’ll keep you posted.

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