Meat and Fish Co. – Deli & Provisions

Meat and Fish Co. – Deli & Provisions

Restaurant Traffic sat down with Michael J. LaVecchia, President and Founder of Meat & Fish Co. to discuss his unique deli and provisions concept, now located at 919 South McDowell Street in Dilworth. Meat & Fish is a boutique butcher – offering a large variety of different cuts every day. They also have a deli counter where patrons can grab a variety of rustic hand held sandwiches, artisan tossed salads, and market chowders. Behind the scenes he also runs a successful wholesale operation with over 800 clients nationwide. What’s his must try menu item? The Stoppiello, with signature artisan cured meats, provolone and parm-reggiano cheeses, giardiniera condiments, and house crafted red wine relish vinaigrette. This sandwich is named after his grandfather, who in the 1940’s ran his own deli counter in New Jersey.

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As a graduate of Johnson and Wales, LaVecchia finds his culinary training plays an instrumental role when assisting his many clients. He emphasizes the importance of a local supply chain, and works with only reputable local suppliers, hand selected by his team. His initial plan was to have a 15,000sf warehouse and processing location and he currently has his sights set on additional butcher locations in Lake Norman and Ballantyne.

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We asked LaVecchia what are some of his favorite restaurants to frequent in Charlotte. He mentioned three popular spots that everyone should check out. The first was Fahrenheit which he says has set the stage for fine dining in Charlotte as well as 5Church with chef Jamie Lynch. Also, if you haven’t been to the recently opened Kid Cashew on East Boulevard, he says their lamb dishes are a must try.

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Finally, like most people, we wanted to know how an experienced chef and graduate of Johnson and Wales thinks is the best way to cook a steak? “On a cast-iron skillet, with high heat, and sear.” When asked what his favorite dish to cook at home is, after a moment or two of deep thought, he says king crab legs from Dutch Harbor, claiming it is “The best food in the world.”

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  1. I drove past their store last week and noticed the doors were covered up. Looks like they’ve closed down a few months ago.
    Any update? I heard they were renovating, but it’s been months.

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