Mellow Mushroom Heading Uptown to the Catalyst

Mellow Mushroom Heading Uptown to the Catalyst

Mellow Mushroom is planning to open their 3rd Charlotte location in Uptown Charlotte in the Catalyst Apartment Building.  Mellow Mushroom is know for their classic southern pizza and extensive beer list.  They were founded in 1974 born out of the hippy culture and you can still see that influence in their stores today.  Their mission statement remains unchanged of providing the most delicious mouth watering pizza with an ice cold beer.  We always say KISS (keep it simple stupid).  Mellow Mushrooms target opening date for their newest Charlotte location is this December.

MM 3

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  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg, lots of new restaurants and retail on the horizon in the area around the park!

  2. So what other restaurants are coming to the area?

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