Mez Announces Closing at EpiCentre

Mez Announces Closing at EpiCentre

Mez in the EpiCentre has announced it will shut its doors for good on January 27.  Mez has three floors and a movie theater.  Their Facebook page says a new concept will open in February but does not say what or who that will be.  The Mez was owned by EpiCentre developer Afshin Ghazi who lost control of the nightlife center a year ago.  According to the bankruptcy proceedings Mez was not paying any rent for most of its time there, so when the new owners took over they were in trouble.  Nice deal if you don’t have to pay rent.

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  1. The Mez had a great vibe to it. Sad to see it go.

  2. The Mez was too hip for itself.

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