Midwood Smokeshack – Serving Up Some of the Best BBQ in the QC

Midwood Smokeshack – Serving Up Some of the Best BBQ in the QC

Everyone has their own, individual way of making BBQ. Whether it’s brisket, pork, chicken or ribs, mustard sauce, vinegar, Eastern or Memphis style, BBQ is a southern food favorite that has people wanting more.

Midwood Smoke”shack” (it’s big and nice) is a scaled-down version of its sister restaurant, Midwood Smokehouse (located in Plaza Midwood and Ballantyne). It’s the perfect fast-casual restaurant concept, cooking up everything a BBQ lover is looking for and more.

Upon entering, we were greeted with a warm welcome by the staff. The process of selecting, ordering and paying for your food is made easy for you. It’s all done at the counter. There’s a menu board on the wall displaying what they have to offer. As we placed our orders, a Midwood Smokeshack server made our plates in front of us. The food was served in nice packaging on a convenient tray for carrying. We sat at the table of our choice.

I ordered two kids meals for my children, which were priced very fairly at $5.50/each. Each meal is served with a side and drink. My youngest child ordered the chicken fingers with coleslaw (enough for two kids to share). My nine-year-old ordered the mac and cheese kids meal with a side of fruit.  As hungry as the children were, and as hard as they may have tried, they just couldn’t finish it all. The portions were very big.

I ordered a large pork plate which had enough meat piled high for two huge sandwiches. The BBQ was perfectly seasoned and didn’t really need any of the homemade BBQ sauces that were available upon request. The BBQ was smoky, hot and fresh. I chose the garlic, Southern-style Green Beans and their tangy BBQ slaw for my sides. The green beans were some of the best I’ve ever had. The cornbread cakes were amazing and complimented our meal nicely.

Our lunch at Midwood Smokeshack was awesome and we will definitely be back for more.

Location: 3335 Siskey Parkway, Matthews (in the McKee Farms Shopping Center on the corner of Weddington Road and McKee)

Check out MidwoodSmokeshack.com to see their menu, find out more about them, or to place an online order.

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