Millstone Pizza & Taphouse Looking to Charlotte

Millstone Pizza & Taphouse Looking to Charlotte

Millstone Pie

Millstone Taphouse and Pizza is looking for locations in Charlotte.  Millstone is a great concept out of Rock Hill.  Legacy Real Estate Advisors is helping them find sites.  They need between 3000-4000 Square Feet and like to have a patio component.  The Millstone secret is using only the freshest ingredients and then cooking the pizza at 900 degrees in their custom made 100% hickory wood fired oven.  Millstone also has an extensive craft beer selection.  They are family friendly and would be a great addition to any neighborhood.  We will keep you updated on where the first Charlotte Millstone will land.  If you have any ideas on where they should locate please let us know in the comment section.

Millstone Brendan II

Millstone plate

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  1. Please bring them to South Charlotte

  2. I love their Rock Hill location, and they’d be a great addition to Charlotte.

  3. Their pizza is much better than Brixx. Brixx has gone down hill. They give you more bang for your buck too.

  4. What areas of town are they looking at? Would love to have them up here in University City.

    • Dave

      Sally-they would look at any area of town as long as the real estate matched up to their needs. Got somewhere we should look at?

  5. I still say the should come up to the University. College kids love pizza and beer.

  6. Denver is up and coming and needs a good pizza/ taphouse. Look at success of Chillfire– need more local places nearby.

  7. Great Pizza! Glad that soon we won’t have to drive 40 minutes to enjoy it!

  8. NODA – next to Birdsong and NODA Brewery… They need for food within walking distance of the breweries… theres nothing (Amelies)

  9. Ballantyne needs a top notch pizza place with good draft beer.

  10. Elizabeth. In between Jackalope Jacks and P-Stones. In the purple house. Build on the synergy there. Seems like a good fit for neighborhood.

  11. They do like draft beer in Plaza Midwood.

  12. Where is good pizza in Southpark? Wolfgang Puck is overrated. CPK you have to deal with the mall traffic. This place would do well in Southpark especially if they cater to families.

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