New Juice Bar Coming to Selwyn Ave

New Juice Bar Coming to Selwyn Ave

It seemed that only last year, juicing was just another trendy health fad straight outta L.A. However, as the year comes to an end, and as juice bars are still popping up in cities everywhere, its apparent that juicing isn’t only a fad. To many people, it’s simply another part of their healthy lifestyle.

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Charlotte, a city of new & trendy restaurants, health-inspired fare and millennials who thrive off of unique experiences, will soon be home to a new health inspired juice bar.

One Life Raw Juice Bar is scheduled to open this fall in the Myers Park area. Located at 2927 N. Selwyn Avenue, the raw juice bar will sit only a few buildings away from the popular Selwyn Pub, and in the same shopping center as a handful of other local businesses.

The restaurant’s concept is to provide its customers with an all-around healthy experience. The juice bar will serve smoothies made with fresh fruit & veggies, organic cold press juices and holistic juice cleanses. Along with providing healthy beverages for customers, there will also be a small selection of raw vegan & vegetarian tapas to indulge in.

For the mean time, any juicy updates can be found on their Facebook.

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  1. Juicing…take all the fiber and most of the nutrients out…serve the water and sugar and call it healthy….ahem!

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