New Seasonal Menu Debuts at Reid’s SouthPark Location

New Seasonal Menu Debuts at Reid’s SouthPark Location

Often when the hunger kicks in and you’re brainstorming about where to go for an enjoyable dining experience, it suddenly feels impossible to think of some place different than the usual go-to spots. When looking for restaurants with locally sourced, gourmet cuisine, an extensive wine list, a welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices, this particular SouthPark establishment is often overlooked.

Reid’s Fine Foods, known as a Charlotte specialty store, recently opened it’s second location in the SouthPark area back in December and has been just as successful as it’s Selwyn location. Although Reid’s is typically thought of as grocery, bakery, butcher and wine shop, among many other things, they also serve gourmet, quality lunch and dinner on a daily basis and brunch buffets every Sunday. Starting tonight, Reid’s SouthPark location will be debuting their new, seasonal dinner menu.

reids exterior

Reid’s makes it a point to keep their menu 95% locally sourced and change menu items seasonally to reflect the local flavors. You can anticipate Reid’s “SouthPark After 5” menu will be getting a major revamp to reflect local fare and fall flavors starting tonight. Expect ingredients such as granny smith apples, toasted pumpkin seeds and roasted beets.

The new menu changes introduce a handful of new dishes to both their small and large plate sections, along with a few changes to their flatbreads and salads. Reid’s will also be removing a few of their current items from the new menu (don’t worry, we heard there’s a chance some of them could come back again in the future).

After speaking with Assistant Manager, Malinda, we were told that two popular menu items (and local favorites) that will most definitely be staying on the menu are Reid’s Steakburger and Reid’s Black Bean Burger. Two popular items that will unfortunately be leaving the menu (for now at least) are the Coconut & Quinoa Crusted Shrimp, as well as the Chilled Seared Tuna Rare.

reids interior

New Flatbread & Salad Additions:
The Ham & Bleu Flatbread will be replaced with an Italian Sausage Flatbread, however the Margherita and the Truffle Goat Cheese Flatbread will stay (thankfully). As for the salads, the new menu will add two new items perfect for the fall season, a Kale & Brussels salad, prepared with granny smith apples, golden raisins, toasted pumpkin seeds, shaved brussel sprouts, pickled red onions & poppy seed vinaigrette, and a Roasted Beets & Citrus Salad, prepared with arugula, goat cheese croquettes, citrus segments & candied pecans.

New Small Plate Additions:
Expect new dishes such as the Prince Edward Island Mussels and Korean Beef Skewers. While the popular NC Fried Oysters will be leaving, they will be replaced with the Harkers Island NC Oysters, now served either raw or Rockefeller style by the half or full dozen. You can also expect Shrimp and Grit Croquettes, a retake on their previous Shrimp & Grits plate, and the return of a familiar friend, the Maryland Style Seafood Dip, back from last year’s winter menu.

New Large Plate Additions:
A variety of large plates will also be introduced to the new fall menu, including the Beef Brisket Sandwich, the Baked Pasta served with roasted tomatoes and pork belly, Reid’s Chicken Cordon Bleu, Crab Cakes and the addition of a classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich for the more traditional.

reids stations reids  brunch 2

If you can’t get enough of their new dinner menu, don’t forget they also serve lunch, and offer daily food specials such as Thursday Carved Prime Rib Day and Tuesday half price Steakburgers. They also offer an all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch buffet, including a carved prime rib station, an omelet station, and freshly made eggs Benedict, among other popular breakfast items. Brunch lasts from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm every Sunday. Brunch Prices: $21.99 per adult, $10.99 per child.

In pursuit of the finest meals, craft beers and culinary experiences that the Queen City has to offer.

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