New Summer Menu at Amélie’s French Bakery

New Summer Menu at Amélie’s French Bakery

AmĂ©lie’s French Bakery & CafĂ©, a French-inspired cafĂ© known for their sweets, savories, and beverages, launched their new summer menu yesterday. The 33 new seasonal items feature summertime flavors such as lime, basil, blackberry, mango, tarragon, blueberry and pineapple. “Our summer menu and selections were inspired by salty cĂ´te d’azur ai, fields of provence lavender, freshly clipped garden herbs and the balmy breeze welcoming a new season,” says Mary Jayne Wilson, Executive Chef at AmĂ©lie’s. 

New items and flavors from the summer menu include:

  • French Macarons:  basil lime, blackberry balsamic basil, jalapeño, mango saffron, milk chocolate passion fruit


  • Blueberry Peach Torte: streusel, blueberry marmalade, almond sponge, peach gelĂ©e, peach mousse, topped with blueberry glaze


  • Honey Roasted Pineapple + Crème Danish: danish with vanilla pastry cream topped with honey roasted pineapple


  • Dill Cream Cheese + Cucumber Tartine: dill cream cheese topped with sliced garden cucumber and sea salt


  • Mango, Crispy Prosciutto + Pineapple Salad: mixed greens, fresh mango, roasted pineapple, jicama and crispy prosciutto with passion fruit vinaigrette


  • Passion Fruit Strawberry Limonade: passion fruit strawberry purĂ©e, freshly squeezed lemon juice, sparkling water


  • Blackberry Basil Mimosa: basil simple syrup, blackberry purĂ©e topped with sparkling wine



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