Nom Nom Burger to Open in March

Nom Nom Burger to Open in March

As Spring arrives in the Queen City it seems there are a lot of restaurants about to “throw their hat in the ring.”  Nom Nom Burger in Parketowne Village is hiring employees but they are ignoring Restaurant Traffic.  I drive by their new site a couple of times a day and have tried to contact them but have had little luck.  So Nom Nom if you read this please use the comment section on the bottom to let our readers know when you will open after all there are 40,000 of them a month and they like to go out to restaurants and spend money.  Don’t ignore Restaurant Traffic Nation.

nom nom building

By Dave
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  1. What a great name! This burger trend seems to be taking over the city, but I’m not complaining!

  2. That is weird they will not tell you when they are opening?

  3. Yes don’t ignore us.

  4. This is that Asian Burger place, right? Not much has made it at this location.

  5. Agree, tough location. It has been what 3-4 different places? Sometimes a restaurant spot is just not meant to be.

  6. I hope this place is good.

  7. Thanks you for all inquires. We apologize for not posting the opening date because we wanted to have everything ready. We will be open for business on Wednesday March 27, 2013. Hope to see everyone there.

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