Oak Table Reviving Downtown Columbia Restaurant Scene

Oak Table Reviving Downtown Columbia Restaurant Scene

The Oak Table is a relatively new and trendy spot, perfectly situated in downtown Columbia across from the state house. Dishing up their interpretation of “modern American cuisine for progressive palates,” you’ll find everything from Deep Fried Lobster to Ricotta Gnudi on the menu.

Deep Fried Lobster

The decor is delightful – industrial rustic with a modern edge, including ceiling high windows behind the bar. Beware, the bar boasts a perfect view of the statehouse across the street, which can mean front row seats to whatever protest is happening! Makes for some pretty interesting people watching… The space was designed by an extremely talented local Charlotte designer named Elizabeth Mydosh. She recently launched her new website for her company Stilo/EMC Design. Check it out to see some of her other work.

oak table columbia

South Carolina State House

The service and food at Oak Table has been extremely inconsistent, which reflects the mixed reviews found on Yelp and Urban Spoon. During my first visit, our party of four for brunch had to send back 3 out of 4 plates. Important to note, we did receive an apology and were compensated for the mistakes. To be completely honest, I’m surprised I returned after my first visit, but I’m sure glad I did because I would have never found these little puffs of deep fried-deliciousness:

Citrus Ricotta Fritters

I have to say, the Citrus Ricotta Fritters are the best darn fried finger food I’ve ever had and I am not typically one to marvel over fried food. They were prepared perfectly, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. They came dusted with just a touch of powdered sugar, and served with a tangy blood orange house jam.

Citrus Ricotta Fritters Oak Table

Although the Citrus Ricotta Fritters stole the show, I also enjoyed the Hash Brown Quesadilla which was a messy but delectable choice. This mexican-inspired brunch dish was served with white cheddar, caramelized onions, chipotle-lime smoked ketchup, soft scrambled eggs, and cilantro crème fraiche.

Hashbrown Quesadilla Oak Table

The Oak Table opened in September 2012 and is part of The Indigo Road Restaurant Group, which has 4 sister restaurants in Charleston, SC: Oak Steakhouse, The McIntosh, The Cocktail Club, Indaco, and O-Ku. Despite my fickle impressions, I applaud Oak Table for doing their part to help revive the dwindling downtown Columbia restaurant scene. Oak Table offers brunch, lunch and dinner menus, a private dining room and is also a popular after work drink spot.

Yelp Reviews
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Have you been to Oak Table? Let us know what you recommend ordering or passing on in the comments below!

By Lea
Food-loving wanderlust connecting the dots between craft beer, live music, and the Charlotte (and neighboring cities’) restaurant scene. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more tasty bites.


  1. The food looks delicious.

  2. Lea

    I can’t speak for the deep fried lobster, but I certainly enjoyed those Citrus Ricotta Fritters and Hashbrown Quesedilla! I’d also recommend the French Toast which is served with the blood orange house jam as well as coffee ice cream. Can you tell I love brunch?

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