Olde Mecklenburg Brewery To Host Craft Beer Book Signing

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery To Host Craft Beer Book Signing

On April 27th beer connoisseur and author, Tom Acitelli, will be at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery signing copies of his new book, The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution. The celebration starts at 5 P.M and runs until John and the crew shut the taps down or Tom Acitelli grows weary of what is sure to be a beer nerd love fest.

I first heard about Acitelli’s book a couple weeks ago and filed the title away in some part of my brain yet to be addled by fryer grease, malted barley, and high fructose corn syrup. Then I promptly forgot about it until Tom’s publisher sent me an email this week letting me know about the book signing and asking if I’d like to read a copy. Not only do we love badass restaurants here at RT, but beer and books and Bob Marley all jockey for rank on our list of favorite things. I use Guinness as a recovery drink and iron supplement, Williams isn’t ashamed of a serious IPA addiction, Dave prefers quantity over quality, and Roxie won’t drink it unless it is some high gravity Bitches’ Brew. I’m eagerly awaiting my copy to arrive so I can drink an Oberon on my screened porch amidst the sweet cloying smell of honeysuckle and soft plop of falling canker worms while reading about the craft beer revolution.

whole foods beer

Nowadays you find craft beers in gas stations and gourmet restaurants, and you should be a touch suspicious of any bar without a half dozen craft brewers in bottles or on draft. Five years ago, the Charlotte craft brewing scene was either nonexistent or limited to home brewers. Then the folks at OMB- armed with a background in water purification, a German brewing consultant, and the Reinheitsgebot, kindled Charlotte’s craft beer renaissance. OMB’s brewery in Southend is an appropriate location to celebrate a book about beer outside the InBev and MillerCoors oligopoly.

I’ll get cracking on a book report as soon as I receive my copy of The Audacity of Hops.

In the meantime, if you love craft beer or want to broaden your nonfiction horizons, you should attend Tom Acitelli’s book signing on the 27th.

We won’t hold it against Tom that he’s a Tarheel.



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