Papi Queso To Appear On Food Network

Papi Queso To Appear On Food Network

Papi Queso, the notorious Charlotte food truck admired for stepping up the grilled cheese sandwich game, will be featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on February 10th! Owner Brian Stockholm said he was surprised and excited to hear that he would be featured on the show, after being nominated by supporting fans. Sycamore Brewing hosted the production, which will feature the Pig Mac, Mushroom Gruyere, and Smoky Tomato Soup menu items. Catch Brian at 9pm this Friday and watch Guy Fieri test out some gourmet grilled cheeses’ from the best cheese truck since 2012 and #followthatcheesetruck @papiquesotruck on IG and Facebook!

Kate Yates
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