Phil Mickelson Takes Over Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza Bar

Phil Mickelson Takes Over Wolfgang Puck’s Pizza Bar

Our sources tell us that PGA star Phil Mickelson has rented out Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar in Southpark for Saturday night.  Mickelson is a huge boxing fan and has invited friends and family to watch the Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerro match with him at the restaurant.  Phil is one of the best liked golfers on the tour and has played the Charlotte tournament virtually every year.  He is not a big fan of paying taxes but that is for another story.

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Wolfgang Puck Pizza | Bar on Urbanspoon

You can find me working the PR angle for restaurants around town and keeping the RT readers informed about the latest happenings.

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  1. Wonder how the party was since they moved up the tee times. Didn’t Phil tee off at 8:45am?

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