Quick Post: Charlotte’s Perfect Night Out

Quick Post: Charlotte’s Perfect Night Out

GQ Magazine recently came out with their annual list of the nation’s best restaurants. This year, writer Alan Richman—the most decorated food writer in history—included 25 eateries on his list, selecting from the usual pool of gastronomical cities like New York City, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., but also including a few outliers in Texas and Massachusetts, among others.

Perusing the list does not give any clues as to a cuisine preference or a favoritism towards stylish, upscale dining. After seeing the selections, it’s apparent that the decisions were made purely by the impressions left upon Richman after finishing his meal and departing.

Should Charlotte have been on the list? If so, what is the city’s best restaurant? Richman based it on the overall experience; what he calls having a “perfect night out.” Who makes the cut? Let us know in the comments.

My love affair with well-executed food, drink and service culminates in my writing, editing and photography.

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  1. Upstream is always great and has an unusual seafood menu and also the basics for the less adventurous. Service is always good. It’s been my favorite for years now . Even with some very good new spots that have recently come on the horizon, Upstream is still my favorite.

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