Quick Post: Sarah Crosland Ranks CLT’s 10 Best Tables

Quick Post: Sarah Crosland Ranks CLT’s 10 Best Tables

While diners are likely to get a great experience in any of the restaurants on The Observer food writer’s list, Sarah Crosland wrote a guide to exactly which tables will provide the maximum amount of satisfaction at 10 of the Queen City’s best eateries.

The list mentions Plaza Midwood favorite Soul Gastrolounge and its cushy leather couches, of course, as well as highlighting relative newcomers Passion8 and Fahrenheit for allowing guests the opportunity to peer into the inner workings of the kitchens at both establishments. Fahrenheit has the added distinction of serving up what could be Charlotte’s best skyline views.

Read Crosland’s entire article here, and let us know if there are any other restaurant nooks and crannies that you think deserve recognition.

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