Red Ginger Sushi & Steak Signs go up in Uptown

Red Ginger Sushi & Steak Signs go up in Uptown

Was on the way to the Convention Center and saw this Red Ginger Sushi & Steak sign.¬† No idea who this group is or what their plans are.¬† It seems they are trying to avoid the “veto vote” by combining fish and beef.¬† Hey, you can make everyone happy at the same restaurant.¬† Will provide details when they become available.¬† If anyone associated with Red Ginger reads this please contact us.¬† Below is a picture we took through the window of the interior.

Red Ginger interior

By Dave
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  1. Yes , we are finally open. Spread the word! Our number is 980-819-8837

  2. excellent food.

  3. In search for lunch today, I discovered Red Ginger!!! I peeked inside and the decor had be spellbound!! The food is EXCELLENT. The ginger dressing is aaaaaaaammmmmmmaaaaaaaaazing!!!!

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