Red Rocks Will Leave You Satisfied

Red Rocks Will Leave You Satisfied

Restaurant Traffic has teamed with Uber again for the last few days of Charlotte Restaurant Week. For those who haven’t used Uber before, enter promo code RESTAURANTTRAFFIC to instantly get $20 off of your first trip. It’s an easy process and a much better alternative to failing a sobriety test.

All week long, I’ve been looking forward to eating at one of the featured Queen’s Feast participating restaurants. It was a tough decision, but tonight my friend and I chose to feast at the locally owned and operated Charlotte staple Red Rocks.

Red Rocks5

The plating was pretty, but the quantity left us wanting more.

Both of us chose the shrimp cocktail starter—two medium-sized tiger shrimp served with their house-made cocktail sauce. The shrimp were so fresh and delicious that we would have loved to have seen a few more on our plates. A minimum of three, maybe four, was what we were expecting and would have made for a nicer presentation on the large plate it was served on.

Red Rocks4

The steak was well sauced and came with the expected greens and potatoes.

For our second course, we again chose the same option—filet medallions finished with a mushroom demi glace and served over garlic smashed potatoes and asparagus. We were both very pleased with our choice. The portions were plentiful, and the meat and vegetables were cooked to perfection, all fresh and delicious.

Red Rocks3

Bananas Foster does not normally come with a crust, but it was a welcome addition.

For dessert, my friend Candice ordered Bananas Foster, and I picked the Oreo cheesecake. They were both sinfully delicious and the perfect ending to a great meal.

Red Rocks2

Two classic desserts come together to make another.

The next time you’re in the mood for some great food or a fun place to catch a drink, I recommend you give Uber a shout and ask them to drop you off at one of Red Rocks two locations: Birkdale Village in Huntersville and Strawberry Hill in South Park.
Enjoy yourself, and tell them your friends at Restaurant Traffic sent you.

My love affair with well-executed food, drink and service culminates in my writing, editing and photography.

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