Restaurant Traffic Enjoys Lunch at El Camino

Restaurant Traffic Enjoys Lunch at El Camino

Restaurant Traffic stopped by El Camino this past Wednesday for a quick bite to eat and owner Andy Henson sat down with us.  Andy also owns Angry Ale’s next door.  That is the Chicken Fajita’s above.  The portions are huge.  Andy mentioned that Angry Ale’s had their best year ever in 2012.  Montford is a very busy street.   El Camino is featuring $1 Tacos on Taco Tuesdays, Kids Eat Free on Wednesdays and Thirsty Thursdays where they have drink specials featuring $3 Margaritas.

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By Dave
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  1. Those Fajitas look outstanding. I will have to try this place out.

  2. I prefer Maverick right across the street. Better food, better service and the bar is much cooler than El Camino.

  3. Looks good, but I’m not sure I would call that portion “huge”.

    • Ryan

      Brian, trust us the portions are huge. That plate was the size of a hubcap.

  4. I have been to El Camino many times and the portions are huge. The salsa is great! Great service too.

  5. I think most of us consider fajitas to be the kind where the steam is coming out when they bring it to the table. This just looks like a bowl of chicken with some traditional fajita sides.

    • Ryan

      Anon, There was steam, alot of it, coming from where the chicken was. The plate is huge and the food is good.

  6. Give me Maverick Rock Taco over this place any day.

  7. When Chuy’s opens up it will not help Maverick, El Camino and Paco’s. Foof at Chuy’s is not great but they have the name.

  8. I tried El Camino last week, wasn’t impressed at all.

  9. It sounds like some employees of Maverick Rock Taco have made comments.

  10. Is that a bed pan underneath the chicken? Funny andy had to come out and stroke your presents. Why does he have the urge to tell you about angry Andy’s having such a great year in 2012? I think he’s other restaurant ventures have failed on a colossal level so he feels the need to validate any success he experiences. Mark my words. El Camino will meet the same fate as Andrew blairs. When you take the money lost in his other ventures the money made at angry Andy’s is not enough to show a profit for the whole company.

  11. Wow, Blake sounds like an angry ex employee.

  12. i been to both Mavericks (at least 20 + times) which i still believe has some of the best tacos in Charlotte ! El camino 2 wise (not that impressed).
    The first time i was very disappointing to say the least., food was very bland, presentation and service was lack luster at best. Most people describe me as being a masohcist , you guess it, I decided to give it another try and went back 3 weeks later….. The one thing I found consistent both times was the food tasted just as bad.

  13. I certainly hope the food is better than Angry Ale’s because that stuff is hard to eat. I get that it is just a bar but why serve food if you are not going to try. You also always smell like grease when you leave there. They should fix the kitchen if they are going to serve food.

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