Restaurant Traffic Tries Lunch at Miyagi’s in NODA

Restaurant Traffic Tries Lunch at Miyagi’s in NODA

Restaurant Traffic decided to head to NODA to try Miyagi’s Korean Barbeque.  They did a great job on changing a former train wreck of a building into a slick industrial feeling restaurant.  They need some pictures on the wall but maybe that open expanse is their look.  Above is the Korean BBQ Bulgogi which 3 out of the 4 people at the table ordered.  I ordered the Chicken Lo Mein shown below.  The food was great but my only complaint would be if you are going to serve lunch have a lunch menu.  Everyone’s bill at the table with a drink and taxes came to $14.75 before tip.  That might work over in Southpark but in NODA you have to know your clientele.  That is probably the reason there were only 3 tables while we were there at lunch.  People have a preconceived notion on what they will spend for lunch.  Oh well, you know what they say about opinions………………

miyagis chicken
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  1. Yeah $15 for lunch is too much for the common man. The price needs to be around $10 for the average person especially in NODA. Probably why the day you went Cabo Fish Taco was on a wait and this place was barren. You have to know your neighborhood and what they will pay for a meal.

  2. If you charge $15 for lunch you will always have an empty dining room. Good luck.

  3. The people have spoken. Get a lunch menu or face the backlash of the new normal, Mr. Miyagi. You are officially on notice. Try to charge us more than $10 a head and we’ll gladly go elsewhere. Did you forget the banksters don’t roll into NoDa?

  4. That is ridiculous charging those kind of prices for NODA.

  5. Never going to make it in NODA at those crazy prices.

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