New Restaurants Near Ballantyne Area

New Restaurants Near Ballantyne Area

New restaurants are coming to a shopping center near Ballantyne next summer. The new RedStone development in Indian Land will include tenants such as Z’s Amazing Kitchen, Viva Chicken, WAFU Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and Penn Station East Coast Subs.


Kate Yates
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  1. FYI: Indian Land, SC is not “the Ballantyne area.”

    • Baja Ballantyne

    • FYI.. it says near Ballantyne.

  2. Baja Ballantyne lol

  3. True Indian Land is not in Ballantyne, but it did say near Ballantyne…and it is near to Ballantyne…it really just depends on your definition of near. I would say it’s not that close.

  4. It’s about 5 min from Ballantyne…sheesh!

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