RockSalt Still On Hold

RockSalt Still On Hold

Rock Salt Oysters

I drive by the old Park Road Quick Cleaners location almost every day in the back of the venerable Park Road Shopping Center.  I keep hoping to see work being done for the new restaurant RockSalt but so far there has been no progress.  These things do take time and converting a former dry cleaner that has been there for 20+ years into a hip restaurant is not something that you can do overnight.  RockSalt is the creation of Travis Croxton whose family owns Rappahannock Oyster Co.  It will feature a large patio overlooking the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.  One of RockSalt’s goals is to use North Carolina products by supporting local and regional farmers.  They will have a wood fired grill and are still hoping to be open in the fall.  Keep checking back with us and we will update progress for RockSalt.  Welcome to Charlotte.

RockSalt Farmers

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  1. So is this going to be an Oyster Bar or a Seafood Restaurant? Kind of a weird space taking over a dry cleaners?

    • It’s a small stand alone building that looks like it’s gonna fall over. I would think knocking it down would be only option but I’m not a construction guy. Either way it’s gonna be a lot of work to turn that into something nice. Hope they do, an oyster bar in area would be awesome!

  2. Kind of curious why they chose this location? Was there no asbestos plant available?

  3. I disagree. I think it will be a good location. Just look at how much business Good Food does on Montford. You are right in the middle of a great neighborhood that will support that level of dining. I have not seen their menu but I assume it will be seafood leaning which there is none of in that area. Give them a chance.

  4. As we walked passed little care spoon there was a sign that said December 2014. Can’t wait oyster bar here will be awesome if done right!!!

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