Saturday Night at Soul Gastrolounge

Saturday Night at Soul Gastrolounge


I have heard great things about Soul Gastrolounge since I moved to Charlotte, but until last weekend I hadn’t experienced it for myself.  Soul more than exceeded my expectations from start to finish.  Besides the food, my favorite part of the evening was the atmosphere.  Soul Gastrolounge gives off a one of a kind feel- so comfortable yet sophisticated and trendy.   While waiting on our table we grabbed a drink at the bar. The drink menu is very in-depth and has something for everyone. The bartenders were very helpful and even made us samples of the craft cocktails, ensuring that we would like our choice before ordering.   I decided on “The Mule” – fresh juiced ginger and cucumber with Titos in a fancy little copper mug- so refreshing and delicious.

sgshrimp sushi
The best part about dining out with fellow foodies is ordering a bunch of different plates and sharing.  Soul is the perfect place to do this because everything is served tapas style.  A few of my favorite dishes from the evening were the wild mushrooms on toast, the pesto flatbread and the Babaganoush smoked eggplant dip.  Not only does Soul provide a large menu of delicious tapas it also has, in my opinion, the best sushi that I have tried in Charlotte so far.   I’m already looking forward to my next trip back to sample more tasty cocktails & tapas. If you haven’t checked out Soul Gastrolounge yet you should give it a try, or if you have already comment below and tell me what your favorite item to order is. Also, don’t forget when you are uploading pictures of food from your dining adventures to #restauranttraffic!


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  1. Soul is vastly underrated. They never land on any “Best Of Lists” and I don’t understand why? They are the best restaurant in Plaza Midwood by far.

  2. Lea

    Haven’t made it for dinner but their brunch is out of this world! The Omelet Carbonara was delicious and they also made the best Bloody Mary around.

  3. They are trying to push the food scene in Charlotte and should be commended! Can they stand up to something similar in style like L&E ((, no, but there isn’t a place in Charlotte that can.

  4. I feel Charlotte is coming on as a Foodie Town with places like Sol.

  5. Try the pork belly tacos next time, you’ll dream of them for months. The guac stack is one of my favs, nice pick 😉

  6. Soul is my favorite restaurant in Charlotte. I second KB and the pork belly tacos are to die for. I am also a huge fan of the bone marrow with toasts. Yum.

    On the sushi front, the Sushi Fondue Roll is incredible!

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