Secluded Speakeasy To Open In Park Road Shopping Center

Secluded Speakeasy To Open In Park Road Shopping Center

Plans are underway for a speakeasy to open underneath Flying Biscuit, as part of the Park Road Shopping Center. The prohibition themed bar will serve craft cocktails/spirits and the only entry is the semi-hidden entrance in the backlot of the center. Owner Conrad Hunter, who also owns Foxcroft Wine Company in Dilworth, has decided to name the new spot “…”, encouraging visitors to label it as they wish. Get ready to start your scotch and bourbon trains, because “…” is promised to have an impressive collection. Anticipated opening in March of 2017.



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  1. Pssst

    • Kate Yates

      Thompson, I like it! I was thinking the same thing! Or “Shhhhh..”

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