Starbucks Making Big Changes To Rewards Program

Starbucks Making Big Changes To Rewards Program

Starbucks is overhauling their rewards system and it’s creating quite a stir amongst loyal customers. As of April, Starbucks will award stars to participating customers based on dollars spent opposed to how many times you visit, 2 points for every $1 spent. Other perks such as free birthday drinks, free hot and cold brew refills and mobile orderings are all staying the same.


Here is a breakdown of changes:


Current:                                                                             April:

1 Star for every transaction                                               2 stars for every $1 spent

30 Stars to Gold status                                                     300 Stars to Gold

12 Stars for a free reward                                                125 Stars for a free reward

Three levels: Welcome, Green & Gold                             Two levels: Green & Gold

Month Double Star days



Consumers will also be able to earn rewards at more places including Teavana, Evolution Fresh, as well as specially marked Strabucks products at the grocery store.


The new rewards program works in favor of those who spend over $5 per visit, however customers who spend less will not receive as many free drinks as quickly as they did under the current program. Starbucks says the change to a dollar volume rewards system was the number one request from customers despite the numerous complaints on social media site the change was announced.


Click here to learn how to become a member and review more detailed information on the new Starbucks rewards program.



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