Subway to Enter Burger Market

Subway to Enter Burger Market


The biggest fast-food chain in the world is about to take on the “Better Burger” segment of the restaurant world.  Subway will help bring BurgerFuel to the US from New Zealand.  BurgerFuel wants to sign up Subways franchisees to open restaurants and has already started taking registrations.  BurgerFuel wants to open 1,000 stores in the US over the next 8 years with the first one opening within the next year.  You can certainly bet that this is not what 5 Guys, Smash Burger and Bad Daddy’s wants to hear.

BurgerFuel Logo

By Dave
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  1. That looks like all bun and toppings. Where is the burger?

  2. Lea

    Anything Subway does gets a big ‘ole eye roll from me! Easily my least favorite “fast food” chain.

  3. I think the burger is that little itty bitty thing underneath the bacon. You can just barely make it out, it looks yellow which I assume is a cheese covering it. I’m all for sweet/savory items but I don’t think I can get behind putting strawberry jam on a burger.

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