The Summit Room

The Summit Room


I have been eagerly waiting to try out The Summit Room and I finally got the chance to dine there last week!  I had heard great things and read reviews online and overall experience exceeded my expectations.  The atmosphere was right up my alley; I was immediately drawn in by the trendy yet modern farmhouse décor.   I especially loved the cute, roomy outside porch area with large rocking chairs that overlooks East Blvd.  It seems like the perfect spot to post up and enjoy a craft cocktail with a friend.


The Summit Room offers seven specialty cocktails after the seven summits.  I went with Mount Everest- it was extremely refreshing compiled with firefly, grey goose, fresh squeezed lemon, sour cranberry splash and muddled mint.  (Just typing out that description makes me want another!) We sampled a few dishes but started out with the chicken flat bread.  The flat bread was topped with chimichurri grilled chicken, spinach goat cheese, confit oyster mushrooms, tomatoes and cilantro. This was super tasty and surprisingly very filling.  Next we went with the drunken mussels- steamed mussels, OMB Copper, lobster broth, roasted cherry tomatoes, jalapeno/sweet onion relish and a grilled baguette.  These were unbelievably tasty especially dipping the baguette into the yummy lobster broth.   Lastly we picked the crème brûlée which wrapped our meal up on a perfect note.


I am already looking forward to my next trip to The Summit Room (literally trying to convince my friends to go this weekend).  There are many more delicious menu items that I want to try that I didn’t get the chance to taste this time around.  Comment below and tell us if you have you tried The Summit Room out yet.  If so what was your favorite cocktail and dish?



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  1. This place looks great. I will have to try it this weekend.

  2. I have eaten at the MayoBird and Summit Room and have been very pleased with every experience! I had the Duck at The Summit and it was fresh, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. Everyone I was with loved their meals as well (table of 6). Meet DeeDee the owner and she is refreshingly real and passionately in tune with her business and customers. Nice parking as well.

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