Super Chix Going After Chick-fil-A

Super Chix Going After Chick-fil-A

Super Chix Logo

Yum Brands is gearing up to take on Chick-fil-A.  They might deny it but make no mistake the target is going to be on the cows back.  The restaurant will be called Super Chix and will sell chicken sandwiches, tenders, hand cut fries, drinks and frozen custard.  They will cook every order cooked to order.  Yum apparently is hearing what the public wants and trying to give it to them.

Super Chix Sandwich

The Super Chix storyline is that three obsessed founders named Christophe, Nick and Jeff came up with the idea and decided to use only ingredients you can pronounce.  Nowhere on the website does it mention that Super Chix is one of the many Yum Brands.  Yum is responding to not only Chick-fil-A taking market share and increasing sales but also the popularity and simplicity of Chipotle.  Currently the only Super Chix restaurants are in Texas but that will surely change.

Super Chix Store

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