T.Mac Sports Grill Introduces Taco Tuesdays

T.Mac Sports Grill Introduces Taco Tuesdays

TMac Taco Tuesday III

T.Mac Sports Grill (Taco Mac) is introducing Taco Tuesday to all 30 of their stores.  Guests can receive their choice of 2 Tacos for $6.  New Hand Crafted Tacos on the menu include Beer-Battered Fish, Steak Fajita, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Fajita and Grilled Shrimp & Mango.  They will also feature        Dos Equis Pints and bottles for $3, so stay interesting my friend.   Taco Tuesday will be from open to close.  T.Mac has 3 Charlotte locations including South Park, University and Huntersville.  T.Mac also has one other North Carolina location in Cary.

TMac Taco Tuesday DE

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