Taco Bell Dives into Serving Alcohol

Taco Bell Dives into Serving Alcohol

Taco Bell Alcohol

Taco Bell is going to roll out alcohol sales in a limited amount of stores over the next 12 months.  Taco Bell, which has earned a reputation over the years as a good place to get a bite after a night of drinking, announced plans in June to experiment with selling beer, wine, sangria and spiked frozen drinks at a Chicago location as it looks to gain a foothold in urban markets.  Taco Bell knows that its Millennial customers increasingly are attracted to urban areas, where real estate is pricey. They think that selling alcohol will increase sales — the typical Taco Bell receipt is in the $7 range — and in turn help make their urbanization push more doable.  They know rents are much higher in the city and you can’t get a drive-thru approved.  Drive-thru sales normally account for 70% of Taco Bell’s revenue.  Taco Bell will “cut off” alcohol sales at 10 pm during the week and midnight on the weekends.

Taco Bell Alcohol II

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  1. Interesting…wishing their food was better!!

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