Tijuana Flats Announces Charlotte Return

Tijuana Flats Announces Charlotte Return

Tijuana Flats is coming back to the Queen City.  They will open their first store in Dilworth in the former Italian Pie location this fall.  Tijuana Flats is famous for its fresh Tex-Mex food and signature hot sauces.  I grew up in Orlando so I am a big fan of Tijuana Flats and even asked their founder, Brian Wheeler, in a post to bring a store to Charlotte in 2011.  I am quite sure them coming here had nothing to do with Restaurant Traffic asking but you never know.


“North Carolina has become a focus of growth and we are very excited to have our first Charlotte store on East Blvd,” said Tijuana Flats Real Estate Manager Matthew Livingston.  Livingston told us that 2 more Charlotte area locations are in the works and they can see upwards of 15 Tijuana Flats in area in the future.  We are so excited for Taco Tuesdays where you get two tacos, chips and a drink all for only $4.99.   A word of advice…..get there early.  tijuana flats TT

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  1. So correct me if I am wrong but that makes 4 Tex-Mex places on East Blvd? 1511 Cantina, Longboards and Moe’s. How about somebody come up with a different food concept.

    • Totally agree, donutdollie! I love me some Mexican food, but between all the ones you mentioned plus the two “new” ones on Montford (El Camino and Maverick) and now Chuy’s in SouthPark to add to Paco’s, I’m on Tex-Mex/Mexican overload in a 4-mile radius.

    • Tijuana Flats it NOT your typical “tex mex” place as stated above. The food is phenomenal, it’s a super casual atmosphere (order in line like at Moe’s) but the bring it out to you. It’s got some amazing sauces, tacos, queso, etc. Seriously, it’s the BEST mexican place ever and I’m beyond excited T Flats is finally making it’s way back to Charlotte! I lived in Orlando for eight years, and believe me, it’s ADDICTING. Go UCF (thank you Brian Wheeler!) and T Flats!!!!!

      • Best mexican place ever from a chain? That’s a pretty bold statement. I’ll admit I’ve never eaten there, but I’ve never seen a big chain like this beat a good local (think Johnny Burrito in Uptown) place. The min wage line cook in back isn’t gonna care as much as an owner/chef who has poured his life and soul into the place. Yeah, the place will look cool, have tons of advertising support from the parent company, etc. but will most likely fall flat with the food. Disappointing, I was hoping something else would take up shop at that location.

  2. agreed – why can’t we get something like Cuban Guys (we have have to have a chain est) or altogether different like Moroccan!

  3. Of course there is always room for another really good one.

  4. Tijuana Flats is awesome. Much better than what else is on that street. Give them a chance and you will be impressed.

  5. Plus don’t forget there are 3 Chipotle Grills within the same 4 mile radius.

  6. Tijuana Flats is really good and they don’t take themselves too seriously. Families will like it too. I can hardly wait. What part of the cities are the other 2 going into?

    • Ryan

      Zanygar4- we don’t know where they are going but I am sure they are looking in all the usual places like Ballantyne and Southpark.

  7. Yaaawn. That space was begging for more of a fine dining spot (East blvd is ready for another one, especially this end of it) or a 2-story specialty bar, not a tex-mex place that will just cannibalize another East blvd business or be a short-term tenant themselves. Remember how quickly the yogurt place that decided to open across from Menchies was snuffed out?

    I live nearby and would love to have 1 place in walking distance that doesn’t feel like its made exclusively for families.

  8. Glad to see a good taco joint coming to the neighborhood. The folks at Longboards should be very worried…they are weakest link on East Blvd….

  9. Loved their food when they were here a few years back. Their hot sauce bar was phenomenal. Probably ate there 3-4 times a month and it was always packed, at the Prosperity Church Rd location at least. Then with no warning, they were just gone. Never understood how you can’t make it as a restaurant when your dining room is always full. Now we’re supposed to get excited that they’re coming back to Charlotte? Wake me up when they decide to come back out to University City, instead of the graveyard of restaurants that is East Blvd.

  10. I love this place they are by far the best tex-mex . Hope one come to the University area soon

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