Treehouse Whiskey & Fork Opens in Southpark

Treehouse Whiskey & Fork Opens in Southpark

Treehouse Exterior

We are always saying Southpark needs a BBQ joint and here comes Treehouse Whiskey & Fork which opened to the public last week.  The menu has other items on it but it leans towards BBQ.  Monday night is all you can eat crab legs which should make a certain FSU quarterback quite happy.  Treehouse is located behind Baku which is directly across from the main Southpark Mall entrance.  Treehouse also features an extensive craft cocktail list and is open for lunch, dinner and late night.

Treehouse Tree

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  1. I went the first night they opened and I would give them some time while they worked some things out before heading back. It took us over 2 hours to get served. I know new restaurants have to work things out but it was not running smoothly. I will go back but it will be after the Holidays.

  2. You can’t judge a restaurant by how they do in the first few weeks. That is not fair especially one that is not a chain so everything is new to them.

  3. Another Afshin Ghazi place… how quickly people forget.

  4. Where does it say that Afshin Ghazi has something to do with this place?

    • He registered the website.
      Just so you stay in the loop, he is also involved in Baku.

  5. Straight up, this place is awful. They drown everything in overpowering sauces to hide lack of flavor/skill/talent. I dine in the charlotte area often and at nicer places, but this restaurant fell flat. It takes a lot to disappoint me, but I can say with confidence that there is no reason to go back to this place.

  6. I am going to agree that this place is not good right now. I will give them another try in a couple of months.

  7. If Afshin Ghazi is involved then check this OFF my list of places to go.

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