Unknown Brewering Company Shall No Longer Be Unknown

Unknown Brewering Company Shall No Longer Be Unknown

The Unknown Brewing Company announced the launch date for their flagship Ales for the Charlotte market. After opening up their Taproom, located at 1327 South Mint Street, last November with a bang, the time has come to unleash The Unknown kraken on the Charlotte masses. Starting Wednesday March 5th, their Over the Edge USPA and No Shame Wheat will be available at Charlotte’s bars and restaurants. The following week, the Head First Pale Ale will be hitting the streets. Unknown Brewing partnered with Tryon Distributing to provide the Queen City metro with a new choice in locally-brewed beer.

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Over the Edge USPA takes a great balance of 5 grains and then ramps it up with a combination of West Coast hops. The traditional recipe for an IPA have changed overtime as American brewers added more grain, more hops, and more flavor. That is why Unknown calls their brew a USPA. Head First Pale Ale possesses a unique flavor that mostly comes from the Unknown hops that are thrown in near the end of the boil. Rounding out the debut crew is No Shame Wheat. This one is the perfect beer for the person whose summer never ends. Light bodied with touches of wheat that add smooth and creamy notes, No Shame finishes with a subtle hoppiness that makes this beer a great drinker.

“Beer we take seriously, life we don’t. To us, life is a about exploring the unknown” says Brad Shell, Owner and General Manager of The Unknown, “We are excited to finally get to push the throttle on our system and show the people what we are made of.” I like Shell’s philosophy about life. It reminds me of an Alan Watts quote I read once, “This is the real secret of life, to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

The crew-members at The Unknown Brewing Company bring a combination of passion and experience to the Charlotte beer scene. Their mission is to produce a line-up of fresh, consistent brews for local establishments while also getting creative with experimental beers that push the limits of brewing. While these limited experimental beers will mainly be served out of their taproom in South End, they will eventually be seen on tap at some of your favorite craft beer destinations around town. Many of Charlotte’s known beer establishments will be holding launch parties in the first week of availability. Be sure to check out Unknown Brewing’s Facebook page for more details on launch parties around the area. Restaurant Traffic will keep you posted on Twitter as well.

The Unknown’s brew system consists of a 45 barrel lauter that was manufactured by Quality Tank Solutions in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. As a former resident of Wisconsin, I know those Cheeseheads have mastered what it takes to craft quality beer in copious amounts. The oversized lauter is designed by Shell to achieve maximum efficiency on every brew. Three 120 barrel fermenters that will hold the Flagship brews stand tall in the brewery, while a 30 barrel fermenter will hold all the specialty and one off brews that Head Brewer Dave Scott comes up with.

The Unknown Brewing Company(UBC) says they are on a quest to change the face of the beer as we know it. More than just a brewery, UBC is creating a culture that starts with great beer and ends with even greater experiences. After a little trouble with red tape and regulatory flimflam, it is good to see UBC is ready to let the good times and beer flow.

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