Unknown Brewing Company Breaks Ground in Southend

Unknown Brewing Company Breaks Ground in Southend

The Unknown Brewing Company is breaking ground on its new building at 1327 South Mint Street in Southend this Saturday.  Unknown will be headed by Brad Shell.  Shell got his start at Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta and has also had stints at Terrapin Beer Company and Rogue.  Plans are for a 2500 square foot tap room with 12 different taps.  The brewery building is 22,500 square feet.  The Groundbreaking Party will feature food, pilot beers and a live band.  Shell hopes to have the tap room up and running in August.  We are looking forward to Charlotte’s newest brewery.

Unknown van back

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  1. Noticed the back of the truck, where’s the hours for Fri and Sat? That’s prime drinking time.

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