Waterbean Coffee Expanding to Huntersville

Waterbean Coffee Expanding to Huntersville

Waterbean Coffee Exterior

Waterbean Coffee will open their 2nd location in the NorthCross Shopping Center in Huntersville.  Waterbean’s vision is to create an atmosphere where customers feel they can drop by and relax and pick up a quick cup of coffee.  They also encourage groups and organizations to hold meetings and events in their stores.


Waterbean originated from a conversation between owner Tony Vo and his wife Annie while discussing how to find the perfect blend of coffee.  Tony’s vision for his new business was to turn high quality beans delivered fresh from the roaster into an amazing coffee experience for his customers.  The reason Waterbean isn’t your typical coffee house is due to the interest Tony has in cars.  Tony wanted a coffee house that he not only could go get a great cup of java but one that he could go to and hang out with people that also enjoyed his interest in high end cars like mine shown above.  (kidding of course)   The new Huntersville location allows Tony to have more space for his car events which he now plans to hold more often.

Waterbean Coffee Interior

Shameless plug for the story:   Lee Jackson and Greg Godley with Legacy Real Estate Advisors represented Waterbean in finding the NorthCross location.  They hope to open for business by the start of the New Year.  Legacy Logo

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  1. Love Waterbean. I wish they would make it down to South Charlotte.

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